Our first blog entry – Everyday Baby España

Dear Readers,

This blog entry will be EverydaySolutionsfirst.

To allofyou readers, Thank You very much for showing interest and to follow us in what we do. We hope to give back in best way possible for all of you.

The thought with the blog is that we would be very personal so that you will get to know who are behind the Everyday Solution and that our targeted readers will find it interesting – parents aswellas to-be parents. Of course the one who is not yet a parent or are in the planning stage are more than welcome to read and make comments as well.

We are planning on switching the progress with Everyday Solution with interesting articles that are relavant for our targeded readers, as well as invite different friends that will write articles that may be interested to them but also could be in interest to you.

We are planning on doing blog entries atleast twice a month.

If there is any special theme/product you wish us to explore more in depth or bring up please leave us a comment or send us an e-mail.

To kickstart this blog we thought that we would start by telling you about Everyday Solutions and our background.

Lets get started!!!

Everyday Solutions is a very young, innovativ and new started Swedish company who has a vision to make everyday life easier, better and safer for the parents and their children.

That we now are three newly fathers are a confirmation that we have a great love for children. Our story started a little bit ironic with that the start up of the company and during the development of our first product non of us had any children nor on the way. Of course we didn’t think of it as being odd that we, ourself, did not have any children of our own since we love children and had loads of children around us from familymembers, and also our friends children. We where not that far away ourself ofhavingchildren, but we haven’t taken the step yet to start our own family. It felt totally natural for us our people around us thought it was ironic that just we choose to work with babyproducts. During our first year with the company we travelled a lot and met amazing people and companies. All of them raised their eyebrows when we told them “no we don’t have children of our own yet”.

Just in time for our first product launch Thermoband was launched around Europe it was time to welcome our first child in to the group. Not long after we discovered that two more babies was on the way. We thought this was very exciting and fun that we got our children so close to eachother. We used to joke that we were not ready and did not feel safe enough before, but now since the Thermoband was launched and out on the market we felt home safe and completely comfortable. In addition to our love for our children we have a big passion to improve and simplify. This was what became the ground and foundation for the company.

We met when we where studying international sales and marketing and became good friends while we studied. We kept contact during a few years after school when we went our separate ways to do our own things. Then one day we met up and discussed some interesting ideas and that’s when the idea of the Thermoband, our first product in our line. Two years of development and it was launched.

After a huge success across Europe with sales in 16 countries and through the leading retailers like: Boots Pharmacy, Prenatal, DM, Superdrug, Flexi Farma and of course the biggest ones in Swedish pharmacy chains; Kronans Pharmacy and Apoteksgruppen together with the leading babystores the Thermoband is now followed by two new launches during the Spring.

The development has been long and difficult with highs and lows, but that is another story… Now we are here with the Thermoband in the shops and two other products soon on the way out on the market as well. We have great partners, distributors and resellers that we are very happy with and that want to share our journey with us.

This blog entry was a rather long introduction so we choose to stop here but we will be returning with the development of the company and the puzzle of life with our lovely sons and families in combination with the company.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read – we’ll soon see you again.

“Feel good and enjoy the everyday life” – Quote for the day


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