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Meeting with industry leader!

Today has been an incredibly interesting and rewarding day. We have been meeting with one of the industry’s leading companies. They have been doing baby bottles, pacifiers and other children/baby products for over 70 years and sells its products all over the world!

Why were we there? We have met them at fairs in the past and they are incredibly fascinated by our products and ideas.
The aim was therefore to a large extent, to share experiences together to hopefully produce great products that simplify everyday life for parents and kids!

After a very early morning and half a day travelling, we were in place at their Office and factory. It’s very interesting to get input by industry leader and a corporate perspective. We met an incredibly sharp woman who really have an eye on the situation. It is impressive how user focused they are despite of its size. And they won’t act upon “feeling” – its fact that matter always. It means that they have incredibly good track of what they have and what they do, but the flip side is that big organization is relatively slow and that’s where we come in with our innovative products and unique ideas. If we can work together with all the resources they have, for example, development center, lab and unique experience and networks to users, and our innovative ideas and the power and movement to push through new projects so it can come out amazing new products that help parents and children around the world.

About 22 hours after today’s start we are back in Sweden and the day is over. Now time to process today’s insights and wake up with new energy tomorrow!

Keep checking for updates and what might be the next step!

Your Everyday Solutions friends Andreas, Edon and Fredrik!


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