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Bathing is usually very nice and cosy for both parent and child – whenyouhave got used to. As a new parent on the other hand, it may be nervous and you see several concerns. We thought we’d share our top tips to bathe your baby for making bathing a pleasure for both baby and parent.

  • Preparation – make sure to prepare so that the basin is in a comfortable position (or use the sink when the baby is newborn) set it, for example. on the sink so you as a parent is good and also can easily pour out the water when you’re done.Make sure that everything that will be used are on hand so it easily reached that has a hand on the baby in the water. Corks on oils and shampoos should be off. Prepare to lay out towels next to the basin so you don’t have to move far when the baby gets very slippery from the baby oil.If you do not want it to be wet around the basin, it is a good idea to add an extra towel under and around the basin when the baby can splash a lot. Ensure that the temperature of the water is right. 37 ° C or lower is recommended by doctors and BVC. Use a thermometer or a anti-slip mat with temperature indication – it’s very hard to feel with the hand, and the baby has very sensitive skin. Even what we perceive as small differences in temperature are large for a baby. Too warm water can both get baby to not like to swim but also burn it.
  • Be prepared for the child becomes very slippery when you have oil in the water – always keep the arm under the baby, either along the shoulders and the neck and hold with your hand around your upper arm or along the back and hand under the buttocks or around the thigh. There is also bath support that the baby can sit in – it helps with such, but always hold on to the baby.
  • Make bathing positive right from the beginning, feel safe and transfer it to your baby. Talk much with excited tones during the time and tell what you are doing as example – it makes the child feel safe and is also good for their attachment and early language development.

What was it like when you bathed your baby the first time? Please share with us! You know yourself how nervous it was before the first bath, so any tips and experiences is gratefully received!

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Everyday baby wish you a good day and hope you have many wonderful baths!

Andreas, Edon, Fredrik


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